Listen To “Juice Sound” on ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS: FOR BOOKING INQUIRES: Members of the Orange Collective: VYNZ – Speak Life 310 – NBL Zameer – WIIM – Mr. Fully – The Orange Collective are a team of Independent Artists creating a major wave in the hip hop scene in Orange County, CA. Yes! Orange County! In an area also known as “Juice County,” the members of the OC have assembled to collaborate and elevate under the mutual goal of creating a buzz in the Hip-Hop genre. These artists are definitely bringing something refreshing to the game. If you ever check out any of their radio interviews; you will be able to hear and feel the good vibes. You will often here phrases such as “blessings and waves,” “gratitude and versatility,” and “its nothing but love!” 95% of the interviews will start off with a prayer to open up the good vibes in the room. Make sure you check out this Youtube Channel for media interviews. Due to their continued growing buzz from their individual careers, it allowed the concept of these artists coming together to be quickly embraced by the County. In November 2018, the Orange Collective has been featured on several hip hop music media outlets before their first single “Juice Sound” even dropped on all major music platforms. The buzz created from these artists brought more attention towards Juice County’s hip hop scene. They have been featured on Trip Digital Radio at Dash Radio, which is founded by DJ Skee. It has 10,000,000 followers a month from around the world. They have also been featured on multiple podcasts in Los Angeles and Juice County such as Da Radio Show, #NEWDRIP on Real One’s Radio, Sunday Night Wrap Up, HomeGrown Radio, OC Natives, Vibe LA Show, and many more. Please SUBSCRIBE to receive updates on the Orange Collective’s new releases and keep an eye out for future Projects, Vlogs, Interviews, and all other content! Also check out everyone’s solo projects coming out soon! Video Directed By: Jacob Tucker –