(Andres Aquino, Producer CFW)
 Couture Fashion Week 2021
New York Fashion News –   The Who’s Who of Social Justice Movements is redesigning language during the aftermath of the Global Pandemic “CoronaVirus” .  All fashion platforms across the country have been impacted by an economic recession.  To innovate change for the future of all must needed fashion calendars under
teams of designers, runway coordinators, and photographers have zoomed, webinar, and facetimed business as usual in small steps to rethink work.  How do you overcome a health pandemic which drove economic depression and still notably present a fashion show cause with a scaled down workforce today?  One way is to replace showcasing fashion collections into online digital fashion weeks, is by using zoom photography interviewing to sketch the cause to replace the big production catwalks craved by all every season.  Making announcements using a virtual news platforms, podcasts and photo diaries to adapt digital innovation as the right fit to a fashion report business need globally is the new Fashion Future.

Andres Aquino, Producer of Couture Fashion Week has made his announcement to globally join the using an Instagram Social Media advertising platform for his variety of creative content showcases tells all photographers, magazine companies, and digital print platforms that something new can be rebuilt from the old physical way of the catwalk.  Complimentary content is now displayed on Instagram.