New York City and The Law –  Disorderly conduct and White Supremacy is the latest trend in New York City today.  Inflicting your beliefs upon another against the Will of another is a violation of the White Supremacy law – Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.  Judges in every State is bound by supreme law of the land to declare the constitution, laws, and treaties of the federal government.  To suppress or suppress the hearing of others as the New York City community is doing today is not only a form of slavery, but is a formality of person or bodily decision-making authority.  Who are these individuals that have not been mention in writing by the media outlets or consumer law merchants that provide opportunity to dispute the deprivation of the rights of others along with the victim.  Where are the politicians, legislation administrators/agency who gather this information from witnesses and emails gone unnoticed?  Who are the children and families in New York City today that are afraid to approach viable attorneys for a due process of the evidence?

When Article 9: Freedom of thought, religion, and belief was thought by Whites to free slaves from bondage in the past for monetary opportunities to read, write, speak, and earn equality the discussions where most valued using religion or theologians.  Fashion became a trend to express freedom to discuss and live your rights.  Hair styles became part of the rights to freedom under this article to express a practice for good reason.  Human behavior developed into social norms of acceptance by democratic society and worthy respect.  The right to write and talk about taking part in religious worship was also including with the Fashion trends of the past and today within New York Fashion Week twice a year to stop Public authorities from interfering without very good reason.  When these rights, laws, and previledges  become an non-religious belief against others including atheism, agnosticism, veganism and pacifism, judges and public authorities can interfere with your rights to manifest your practice by placing restrictions on:


Public Safety

Public Order

Health or Morals, and

The Rights and Freedoms of other people (the victim(s))

The take away in this thought piece of law says that Freedom of thought, conscience and religion must allow Everyone the right to enjoy what is know as a birthright within their own community of others, whether in public or private, whether in worship, teaching practice or observance.  So what happen to the Esoteric Minister, the author in this piece when it was prescribed to place a limit on the public order of inflicting beliefs in human rights?