Calabasas, California –  As law enforcement frantically organizes an investigation into the Sputtering Down Helicopter on Sunday morning, what the public does not know about why we lost a hero, entrepreneur, father of 4, and ICON to the NBA.  Kobe Bryant owned his own helicopter while playing in the NBA for the Lakers Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, for Kobe Bryant and fans, Kobe sold his private helicopter for a Lockheed Martin rental Sikorsky S-76.  This Sikorsky S-76 medium utility helicopter features turbo shaft engines, four-bladed main and tail rotors and retractable landing gear.  The S-76 aircraft is normally used in Emergency Management missions as a fleet flight Search and Rescue  and Helicopter Air Ambulance transportation vehicle.  The S-76 is well known for VIP transportation and utility work.  The legacy of this utility helicopter is 7.4 million hours of safe, successful flying, so what happened this the S-76 utility helicopter at 9:47 a.m. yesterday carrying a confirmed passenger count of 9 in Calabasas, California?  Do the utility helicopter surpass the winds and fog above the top speed of 178 mph and altitude of 4,000 feet?  What made this utility helicopter suddenly become a fallen pumpkin within the canyons of residential homes leaving fans to question what happened?  Why did Kobe Bryant have a need to rely on a rental utility helicopter instead of maintaining his own private recorded utility helicopter?  Does this utility helicopter rely on geospatial communication while sailing in above the altitude of 4,000 feet.

The voice of the children are helpless today because no one knew how to call for help yesterday due to the complicated Aerospace Technology this genius Basketball player has been echoing for years during his career with the NBA Lakers LA team.  The children as echoing if a Helicopter is used as a Cadillac in the skies why were this no safety instructions to place a call for help yesterday.  The crew capacity is two just like a real Cadillac, the passenger capacity is maximum 12, the country of origin is the United States, but yet the geospatial dimensions are off for reporting purposes even in the mindst of Kobe’s China engagements which was used in April 2014 by the Civil Aviation administration of China to validate type certificates for the S-76D helicopter.  Offshore Logistics Inc. procured 35 S-76 helicopters for purchase rights along with 24 additional S-76 utility helicopters on June 14, 2005, but every child was still left out of the instruction manual yesterday to affirm help for this ICON.  How can a Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) place children for transport emergency medical contracts and not place awareness within the communities of Calabasas, California for this frequent flyer.

Whose to blame here now that everyone is awaiting answers for the residence of Calabasas who witnessed this tragedy before there eyes yesterday?  If this utility helicopter had a built in traffic collision avoidance system with a Honeywell Primus 660 weather radar, where do we build the bridge here tomorrow?  We all had 35 years out of the 41 years Kobe Bryant was alive