Systematic Racism Breakdown To Improve Communication Gaps Called :  RIOT






New York –  What are small business chronicles and why are they important in improving communication gaps between employees at work?  Most workplace teams that have been impacted by COVID-19, receive messages from one another via Zoom, or Google Meeting to work efficiently.  The chronicles in electronic treading without experience is “misunderstanding” in meeting the companies business goals.  A business can not diagnose a problem tomorrow unless there are employees in the workplace have skills to reduce the barriers to effective communication.  So how do you create the perfect Zoom conversation or patient-centered environment in healthcare (for example) if the open communication is not valued?

Can open communication channels be established if employees are having paperwork issues gaps in their communication with one another?  What happens to the patient if the root of the problem is not important in an emergency situation outlined to solve a solution?  What happens to the patient-centered licensed worker when several different barriers spike language bubbles leading to communication gaps within the very organization responsible for the employee’s logo/brand?  Does the PHYSICAL barriers make it difficult for employees to communicate?  Does the PERCEPTUAL barriers (people’s experiences) that frame the worldview lead to the misunderstand which could cost your organization 6 months worth of contractual income?  How about the EMOTIONAL barrier when employees feel nerves or disturbed by other employees?  Could there be a LANGUAGE barrier due to diversity issues force spoken language to become difficult to interpret based upon the TERMINOLOGY jargon that is foreign to the industries ears?  Why does CULTURAL barrier and social norms of behavior the is reflected in body language with your peers/co-workers?  Workers in the workplace do not want to be stalked for foreigners when interacting and communicating the correct way!  Does each worker wear the same uniform to the workplace to reduce the INTERPERSONAL barriers and how it affects the clients?

So how do you improve what is perceived as systematic racism breakdown between the organization and their employees leaving a Personal Memo to fill many gaps using words and money to understand?  Does how employees communication with one another under one personal memo method defined the patient-centered task evenly to increase productivity?  Can policies and guidelines be enforced by HUMNAN RESOURCES on the various ways and methods language is to be used and how it is to be used?  Now that COVID-19 has forever changed the new Zoom user’s lifestyles for the next 21st Century sales department, who is the missing target to improve the communication gaps with the next-generation employee?