Laia Mauri Designs Spring/Summer 2021


New York Fashion Week Press Release – Fashion designers from all over the world have innovated new ways to communicate Fashion Press to their audiences at home.  Zoom, Photography, Music, and Fashion are back using conference-centered approaches to discuss the latest “celebrations of fashion.”   Producer / Designer of Couture Fashion Week has collaborated with “Nature” in presenting an Award-Winning Spanish Designer, Laia Mauri to the fashion health within your community.

Artist, Laia Mauri launched her distinctive fashion and costume brand in 2003. Her highly-creative designs feature top-quality fabrics and elegant finishes with a focus on “awareness of the new era.” All Laia Mauri pieces are hand crafted, either one-of-a-kind or part of a limited edition, created with the Soul, a transforming energy in each garment that inspires the wearer. The designs are also non-toxic, eco-friendly and animal friendly. Laia Mauri designs are not manufactured, they are made, creating garments that last over time and leave great memories.  And for all the Spanish lovers, all Laia Mauri pieces are made by hand in Barcelona, Spain.

Latest Look Book Photographed Collection _ “Nature” Presented By Couture Fashion Week

Laia Mauri’s latest collection called “Nature”, inspired by the transformation and a woman’s expression of herself as nature is an homage to the beauty and renaissance of the wearer. Each piece is an expression of the intimate relationship between the wearer and nature, and how this connection creates harmony, love and well-being for the earth and the planet. See the collection.