Go Doctorate Go Media is a social purpose business that focuses on social justice and human rights issues in the market.  Denise Fitzgerald is the thought leader who delivers newswire community business news on an online platform.  The causes and conditions that for Go Doctorate Go Media is economy-driven to reflect upon why a gap needs to be filled within an improvised area, distressed school system, or ministering a voice of the unheard to the ears of others.  Go Doctorate Go Media also specializes in the public relations sector and will soon pitch a new niche into the market called Go Doctorate Go Media Catering which offers food production and event planning.  Visit http://godoctoratego.wix.com/filthyrichmenus for more information.

Social Justice Opportunities Offered

Go Doctorate Go Media opens the door to collaborate Freelance contracts with social justice agents, advocates, or working with marginalized groups to assist in bringing equality within one’s society.  Press release services, photography (event) services, public relations services, event planning sponsorship and advertising/subscription services are offered.  Many causes of the global social justice movement are considered during the launch of a protest to print the struggles of injustice using photos, audio, video footage, and up-to-the-minute reports.  Social Justice opportunities are offered to groups to press that exercise self-government to inspire, work with, or organize change by accomplishing a common goal under government.