State Terrorism is defined in California as of Terrorism conducted by a State against foreign targets or against its own Citizens.  If usually occurs within the Black and Brown communities and sometimes involves the Police due to the audiences that it attracts stemming from racism.  First it was the incident in Oakland, California that involved a Black man who left behind a 4 year old child because of a New Year’s Eve event gone wrong.  The Fruitvale Bay Area Rapid Transit Police (B.A.R.T.) were inappropriate in the way they displayed their Police Directives to a young Black man by requesting that he lie face down while he was later shot dead and not tasered from the outcries of over a call reporting a mistake (a fight).  Oscar Grant, a Black Man, from Oakland, California never made it home to his 4 year old daughter or his mother in the 1st day of 2009, because the B.A.R.T. police stole his life.  Luckily a video audience filmed the incident for the public interest because of the continuous complaints of police racism.  A Black man and an all White police force that night.  That State demanded justice over the killing by turning over the rights of the #oscargrant name to the public to compensate his 4 year old daughter and mother using movie rights, radio stories, and movements to build a plaque on the walls of the Fruitvale BART station 10 years later as a Resilience call to action under the American Flag for Blacks and Browns.  Oscar Grant reproduced a blended child from Hispanic decent who is now 14 years old today.  This child unlike the #liquidlove campaign never had the opportunity to know her father who was stolen from her at such a young age.  JaVonte Prothro, 29, under the #liquidlove campaign movement shares the same stories because he also bore a child who never saw his father because the mother of the child was pregnant.

These stories and causes is what New Yorkers do not understand due to the violent nature of the State and their Gentrification processes to control Blacks and Browns.  New York citizens believes is to deprive the poor even if it is unconstitionally correct.  Housing, transportation, and healthcare issues are so blinding that State Terrorism is not part of the Lens of Change.  Therefore, to take a soft approach to change and protect who protects the Citizens today is to “Wear The Voice” for Justice in hopes that old laws are not forgotten and new laws are proposed.  The #liquidlovemovement is a shared experience of awareness and presence to support American People and stop State Terrorism even if it means wearing a Body Cam as introduced in 2009 in the State of California with #OSCARGRANT and the mother of his child, Sophina Mesa, for Titiana Grant.