To Live, Love, and Dream as William Shakespeare once did in the past is a innovative journey today.  Through Individuality lens, the interpretation of dreams come alive using mood meanings to provoke thought.  When one wants to deliver evidence-based facts in a forward-thinking manner, what deliverables would you use to think like Shakespeare?

Socrates, the Greek philosopher,  recorded many teachings on how to approach, ponder, and  provoke thought to individuality when interpreting dreams using change management questions.  By innovating a model to probe the mind using questions to dream, one can continue to reflect upon the quotes of the scholars using the elements of reason like Shakespeare (a visual depiction).  Although Socrates,  and William Shakespeare did not possess an intimacy of logical relationships, the world of interpretation to live, love and dream brings a hugh connection to a number of articles, videos, books, learning activities, study groups and even social media to promote learning interaction platforms.

To Live, Love, and Dream Like William Shakespeare The Liquid Love Movement Way is:

To live is – to become the poet dreamer entrepreneur who delivers life to the audience using visual attractions of the childhood.

To love is – to look beyond the visuals, but into the mind of the dreamer as Socrates lives by using his principles, disciplines, and theories of persuaded resilience.  What a person tells themselves from within the intimate mind is what is loved about the rationale of the dream.

To dream is –  to fantasize, quote, and sleep on what is famous in the perchance of dreams.  What better way is there to wake up to the play “Hamlet” by the FAMOUS William Shakespeare.  What is the fantasy of thought?  SUICIDE OR WAKING UP FROM THE DREAM?  What happens after death?  Do you manage your memories or your communication when solving the problem of DREAMS.