Ellen Wise Couture (USA) at Couture Fashion Week Spring 2019, Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom



Black Hair and Couture Fashion is a Ellen Wise Designer choice today.  The Couture Fashion Week Spring 2019 Collections captures another hot sensation on the catwalk for the Pre Order Spring season of elite and executive minded shoppers.  Custom dress for women, jackets, suits, and more out of the San Francisco’s bay area delivers wealth to the New York Big Apple with a unique Business Model that is truly American-made.  The custom of Haute Couture stands out for the 9 to 5pm business execute called “Ellen Wise Couture” in high quality.

If you missed the live presentation of Ellen Wise Couture for the perfect woman at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Manhattan Ballroomof Times Square, the next occasion is to bring that online shopping experience to your front door by visiting Ellen Wise Couture Studio Collection to get a True Couture in your closet tomorrow.  It’s all natural!  It’s at www.ellenwisecouture.com and construct your experience by elevating your attire.

email:  ellen@ellenwisecouture.com for a consultation and stand out above the rest.