New York Press – The “Unidentified Man” killed in Richmond, California on September 19, 2016, (KTVU news) ends in an accepted plea deal for a life sentence in the murder of JaVonte A. Prothro, 29.  JaVonte Prothro, 29, known as “NuNu” was heinously shot to death while on his way to meet family members for a fishing trip at 10:45 am in the morning in front of BayView Market Grocery Store, 1025 S. 47th Street, Richmond, California.    The Urban Dictionary meaning to “NuNu” is:  “A person full of light and happiness, with a beautiful smile that you can see from a mile away.”  Unfortunately that smile for the Prothro family was stolen away when suspect, Dawaun Rice, now 22, was pinned to evidence against him involving Video Surveillance footage, GPS cellphone monitoring, a semi-automatic gun found in his possession, and bloody deadlocks with droplets of blood from the Victim echoing his name through a DNA analysis.

The violent history of Dreadlocks dates back to the Rastafarians in April of 1963 recognized for a “Witch-Hunt” massacre known as “Bloody Friday.”   The story near Montego Bay stated:  ” All Rastas, dead or alive,” was announced by the Prime Minister Alexander Bustamante who ordered a raid in the Rasta community of Coral Gardens.   The order was executed based upon the radical actions of retaliation against the police and citizens of Jamaica by a handful of Rastas, who were fed up with being oppressed and who did not want to leave Jamaica for tourism. The witch-hunt stemmed from a Shell gas station explosion resulting in several Rastas being shot and killed, and 150 more Rastas injured and detained, and their heads shaved.   In Dawaun Rice’s case the order was ALIVE and the raid identified a man with the street name “Lavish” (slang) meaning “thanks to the lovely community.”  The motivation was “Marijuana robbery” forcing the suspect to shave his dreadlocks and bag them for capture.

According to the Richmond Police Department in California, this Dreadlock dictionary history of resistance and desire is a pending movement stemming from Jamaica of #liquidlove, donations, and the use of self campaigns tomorrow as a reminder LOVE and human blood of another brings new dialogue to a tragedy ending in ethnic hairstyles from the Coral Garden Massacre.