New Jersey Press – A Jersey City Detective lost was gunned down yesterday during a routine homicide investigation gone wrong.  Detective Joseph Seals, 39, did not succumb his injuries yesterday while trying to interdict what Jersey City Police Chief refers to as “the bad guys.”  The shooting rang out on Garfield Avenue in what is known as the Jersey City Hub Zone (formerly known for black business owners), near a cemetery.   Detective Seals served more than 15 years on the Jersey City Police force, and was employed for the city since 2006, according to a Tuesday press release.  Detective Seals was part of the Cease Fire Unit to take the GUNS off the streets of Jersey City, but unfortunately yesterday a couple dressed as a Black Duo spoke otherwise with great aggression.

After Detective Seals was shot down, the two suspects fled via in a stolen U-Haul truck full of explosives to a near by Jersey City Kosher Supermarket at 223 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd to begin a rain of 300 rounds of ammunition gun battle in front of Sacred Heart Catholic School during lunchtime.  The historical arguments and motives were not clear to law enforcement during the messages of terror the couple were sending to the neighbor about “your getting busted yo,” but 3 Brooklyn Jewish residents who were part of a gentrification process were murdered during the ammunition messaging.

According to NBC, the Duo were identified by Four law enforcement sources familiar with the case as David Anderson and Francine Graham of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement.

All schools in Jersey City were shutdown during the all dressed in Black event with the Jersey City Police Department and Hudson County Sheriff / S.W.A.T. until around 4:30 pm.  According to the Jersey City Mayor this event was a targeted one within the Hub Zone Black Community stemming from a stolen U-Haul from Bayonne, New Jersey and it sends a strong message to the children of the Jersey City community that change will be necessary under the First Amendment tomorrow.