New York Press Release – According to California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Homeless and Supportive Housing Advisory Task Force is necessary to propose a new policy for the San Francisco homeless.  Basic spatial dynamics of the New York Homeless population revealed that 302 square miles compared to San Francisco’s 47 (or so) is much underdeveloped, cited by Money,  In order to deliver a sensemaking plan against the largest city by population of homeless in New York City means to invite comparison envoys to make a difference for “right to shelter” law enacted by New York.  Lawmakers are highlighting names to get the state’s homelessness crisis under control for safer pedestrians.  With the help of advocacy church groups like the “liquidlovemovement” and various churches throughout the Bay Area, cities and countries are compelled to accommodate the homeless using outreach services and video storytellers to find radical solutions to assist with love-driven reflections of managing housing.   The drawbacks to getting a “right to shelter” law passed in California is how to accommodate the mental health needs of “people by ‘sex'”.   The Regan era to federal cuts to housing programs failed leaving California to mimic New York City clientele.  Big shoes and Big voices as it relates to issues of the three causes of homelessness:  housing unavailability, housing costs, and poverty will not help alleviate the problem but will help fund and build more shelters tomorrow.